We are a full-service cardiac care facility located in Jackson with several other locations in West TN.

The health of your heart and vascular system is our mission. Our board-certified physicians use cutting-edge technology to provide you with the highest quality cardiovascular care, competing with the best in the nation.

Our passion is quality patient care, and we offer the best in cardiac health care, family practice, and urgent care medicine. We also perform many diagnostic services, including stress tests, labs, ultrasonography, cardiac echo, nuclear wall studies and CAT scans.

Dr. Korban has saved me at my lowest point in my life. He is one that tells you as is it without beating around the words. He says what he finds. Thanks Dr. K for my life.

Barbara Raspberry

Dr. Patel and Staff,
As always, thank you for taking such good care of me. Hope you all enjoy this (cake). God bless!

Debbie Swift

I love Dr. Korban as a family member. You get a good feeling of ease and confidence in him. I am a young patient, who inherited coronary artery disease. He has done several procedures on me, including a heart catheterization, mesh stent and putting in a pacemaker. I absolutely love him and his clinic.

Tammy Holland, Big Sandy

Dr. Bourji is an excellent doctor. He is kind, friendly, and has a wonderful bedside manner. He is also a brilliant cardiologist. He has saved my life more than once. I would recommnd this man to anyone.

Betty Michelle Shannon, Union City

Dr. Korban has taken care of my whole family. He’s taken care of my dad, my mom, my husband, me, and even my kids have seen him. He has been very kind and concerned. He’s just a great doctor. He’s very personable. He meets you at your level and makes you feel like you don’t have to worry because he’s taking care of you or your family member.

Teresa Collins

Dr. Korban saved my life twice. I had two heart attacks, and I had open-heart surgery two times. I have five stents, and my heart is working now. I also have a pacemaker that he did. He is the very best, and I’ve been with him ever since he came to Jackson.

Linda Cabler